Frankland Estate

Frankland Estate

About Frankland Estate

Frankland Estate, located in the remote Frankland River region of Western Australia, is nestled within a pristine, cool climate conducive for viticulture. This family-run estate was established in 1988 by Barrie Smith and Judi Cullam, whose passion and dedication to quality are evident in every bottle of wine they produce.

Frankland Estate wines are renowned for their elegance, balance, and subtlety. The winery's philosophy centres around the principles of organic viticulture. Its wines are made from grapes grown in well-nurtured soil, using only natural processes in farming. such belief in pristine viticulture practices results in wines that truly capture the essence of their terroir.

The estate primarily produces single-vineyard, exceptional Rieslings, besides growing Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Chardonnay and even some lesser-known grape varieties like Marsanne and Roussanne. Each wine has an identity of its own, stirred by the unique character and personality of the vineyard from which it's sourced.

Within the boundaries of the estate, you'll find Isolation Ridge Vineyard immersed in the heart of the region. This vineyard is where Frankland Estate has both harnessed and respected the raw power of nature, by organically farming their vineyard and seeking to minimize their impact on the carbon footprint.

Yearly, the Estate hosts the International Riesling Tasting, a multi-day event which brings together winemakers, experts and enthusiasts from various parts of the world to celebrate this varietal. This event is a testament to their commitment to showcase the versatility of Riesling and its ability to produce distinct, stylistic expressions across different regions.

Frankland Estate winery indeed offers an extraordinary journey through the world of wine with its sustainably produced, world-class products and inspiring commitment to the environment. The character, history, story, all combined in every bottle, creates an extraordinary wine experience for any true connoisseur. This winery continues to set the bar high for Australian, and indeed, world wine production.

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