Franz Haas

Franz Haas

About Franz Haas

Franz Haas Winery is a prestigious establishment located in the stunning region of Alto Adige, Italy. For more than seven generations, the Haas family has cultivated grapes in this beautiful terrain, earning a high reputation for their superb wines.

Franz Haas, the current proprietor, is the embodiment of dedication and a true pursuer of quality. He is an enthusiast for innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of viticulture and winemaking. However, despite his modernist tendencies, Franz also respects tradition and the legacy left by his forbearers. They have instilled in him a deep love for the native varieties such as Pinot Nero and Moscato Giallo, which he passionately cultivates.

The careful blend of tradition and innovation results in a line of unique, characterful wines. Each bottle offers a harmonious marriage of robust flavour, subtle complexity, and profound depth. Whether it’s the crisp, citrusy notes of their premium Pinot Grigio or the rich, fruity expressions of their Pinot Nero, you will find that every sip tells a story of the vineyard’s terroir and the winemaker’s hand. Franz’s vision is to produce wines that are the true expression of the people and the land from which they come from.

Another unique aspect of the Franz Haas Winery is their environmental commitments. They are an environmentally conscious winery and believe in preserving their natural resources. Not only do they limit their usage of irrigation, but they also follow the principles of organic viticulture, shunning synthetic pesticides and artificial fertilisers in favour of more ecologically sustainable practices.

In conclusion Franz Haas Winery signifies a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity- honouring the history of vine cultivation, while constantly exploring new winemaking techniques. It is truly an Italian treasure that deserves recognition for its craftmanship and integrity in every bottling.

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