Giuseppe Mascarello

Giuseppe Mascarello

About Giuseppe Mascarello

Founded in 1881, the Giuseppe Mascarello winery is nestled in the lush landscapes of Piedmont, Italy. Under the stewardship of the Mascarello family, it has prospered for over four generations.

Their ability to cultivate and curate exceptional wines from the indigenous Nebbiolo grape has resulted in a proud heritage and reputation for producing some of Italy's most acclaimed Barolos. This acclaim is not unfounded, graced by a lineup such as the 'Monprivato' - a showcase of depth intricacy, and the true typicity of the region.

The winery rests on the 15 hectares of prime vineyards scattered across various locations; each with its own unique terroir and microclimate. But it's not just the location that set this winery apart, it’s the careful tending, meticulous selection of grapes, and time-honoured winemaking methods underscored by patience and precision.

Giuseppe Mascarello himself was a firm believer in tradition, He favored the use of large Slavonian casks over the smaller French bathels, a practice still maintained today by his grandson, Mauro. This traditional philosophy is combined with a palpable respect for the environment, with intentions of passing down a flourishing winery to future generations.

Notably the Giuseppe Mascarello winery plays as much emphasis on their Barbera and Dolcetto as their Barolo, refusing to categorize and limit the capacity of their grapes. This reflects a dedication to showcasing the entirety of their unique terroir and a steadfast belief in the quality and diversity of their produce.

Stepping into the Giuseppe Mascarello winery, you're greeted with warmth and authenticity. This isn’t a mass-market business but a family passion project, intertwined with their hometown and identity. Selecting a Mascarello wine is not just a choice for quality, but also a nod towards supporting the love and pride the Mascarello family pours into their vineyards and wines.

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