Gran Cerdo

Gran Cerdo

About Gran Cerdo

Nestled in the heart of the Rioja region of Spain, Gran Cerdo winery stands as a testimony to the power of natural winemaking. The vineyards are a haven of tranquillity, producing wines that are both graciously flavourful and thoughtfully crafted.

Gran Cerdo is particularly renowned for its organic and biodynamic practices. The vineyard is committed to producing wines that are free from synthetic chemicals and additives, creating flavours that are authentic and pure. The team at Gran Cerdo believes in working harmoniously with nature, ensuring every grape is cultivated to its full potential.

The winery is characterised by its meticulous approach to winemaking tradition, rooted in respect for the land that nourishes their vineyards. From the carefully pruned vines to the fermentation in French oak barrels, every step of the process is closely guided by a deep reverence for the earth. What sets Gran Cerdo apart is their red wines, which are adored for their vibrant intensity and distinct depth of flavour.

Despite its reputation for tradition, Gran Cerdo is not without its innovative spirit. Its commitment to sustainability has seen it introduce eco-friendly packaging, and it continually explores novel methods to reduce waste and improve efficiency. The winery regularly hosts tastings and educational events, aiming to share knowledge and ignite a passion for natural wines among its visitors.

Gran Cerdo's unique ethos of natural, sustainable winemaking makes it a must-visit destination for those who are keen to discover a truly authentic taste of Spanish wine. Offering thoughtful and inviting experiences, it invites guests to immerse themselves in the ancient art of winemaking, and to savour every drop of their extraordinary creations,

Make sure you try the vineyard’s signature Tempranillo, The powerful elegance of this wine is indicative of the meticulous care Gran Cerdo bestows on each and every bunch of grapes - and its, simply not to be missed.

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