About Grosset

Grosset Wines is an independently owned and operated winery located in the historical, picturesque hills of Clare Valley, Australia. It is a quintessentially Australian establishment, renowned for producing exceptional quality wines that embody the region's unique character and exceptional terroirs.

Established by Jeffrey Grosset in 1981, the winery has consistently upheld an unrivalled standard of quality and precision over its diverse range of wines. Respected for their meticulous, organic viticulture techniques, Grosset Wines avoid the use of any chemicals in their vineyards. The result? An uncompromising commitment to crafting high-quality, sustainable, Australian wines.

Grosset Wines are most notably recognised for their Rieslings, widely regarded to be the best in Australia. Their signature style exudes vibrant flavour profiles, crisp acidity, and an underlying mineral character that is a true reflection of the Clare Valley terroir. Along with Rieslings, they also produce an enticing collection of Chardonnays, Shiraz, Semillon and Pinot Noir that boast distinct depth and complexity.

Driven by innovation, Mr. Grosset continually pioneers winemaking techniques and viticultural practices that enhance the quality of his wines, and this philosophy is one of the key factors that differentiates Grosset Wines from their counterparts. A staunch advocate of cork, he introduced screw caps to his bottle closure system in the late ’90s, an innovation widely followed by many Australian wineries today.

Enveloped in the scenic vignettes of Clare Valley. Wine enthusiasts not only get to enjoy the excellent produce of Grosset Wines but also immerse themselves in the breathtaking landscapes the region offers. From charming heritage buildings to hiking trails and cycling routes, there’s plenty to explore in this Australian paradise.

The team at Grosset Wines remains committed to producing immaculate wines that truly represent its origin and ceaselessly pushing the boundaries of Australian winemaking.

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