About Heartland

Located in the picturesque notches of Adelaide, Australia, Heartland winery is undoubtedly a masterful expression of enology with a dash of captivating rustic beauty. This quaint haven with vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see, offers wine enthusiasts a matchless journey into the heart of pure, quality vino.

Derived from the fertile soils of Langhorne Creek and Limestone Coast, Heartland winery's vineyards produce meticulously harvested grapes that endorse the essence of new and old-world winemaking techniques. Specialising in bold, full-bodied reds, this winery impresses any palate with its Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, and Dolcetto & Lagrein blends. Each wine, complex and varied, reflects Australia’s rich wine culture.

As you approach the winery, the majestic cellar door greets you, embodying the very spirit of Heartland. Supervised by Ben Glaetzer, one of Australia's eminent winemakers, the cellar boasts a remarkable collection of wines. These elixirs, stored in perfect conditions, narrate tales of exceptional vintages and succulent character that effortlessly captures the essence of the verdant vineyards.

Tours at Heartland offer an extensive, intimate insight into the entire process of wine creation from grape cultivation to tasting. Furthermore, the winery prides itself on its sustainability conscience employing recycling, water conservation, and energy-efficient measures as part of its broader commitment to nurturing our environment.

Wine, however, isn't the only offering. The winery’s food menu is a gastronomic wonder curated with fresh local ingredients together with the wines. Featuring dishes infused with local flavours, the food complements the wines and engages your five senses in this heady indulgence.

In conclusion, a visit to Heartland winery means immersing oneself in a captivating tale of vibrant colours, enticing aromas and mesmerising flavours. But more importantly, it’s about experiencing the joy of sharing stories over a glass of good wine. So, why wait? Set off on your gastronomy escapade today, and let the vineyards of Heartland welcome you with a whisper of wind, wine and wonders that await.

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