Herència Altés

Herència Altés

About Herència Altés

Herència Altés winery, tucked away in the beautiful region of Catalonia in Spain, is renowned for its exquisite Spanish wines. A family-owned vineyard, Herència Altés emphasises a strong focus on sustainable wine-making practices, making it a pioneer in eco-friendly viniculture.

Nuria Altés, the embodiment of the winery's incredible passion and commitment, gratefully named the vineyard in honour of her heritage. Having grown up amongst the vineyards, her enthusiasm for viticulture was sparked at an early age, and has continued to thrive over the years leading to the success of this captivating winery.

Nestled in the prestigious Terra Alta region, the winery boasts some rare old vines, some of which are believed to date back to the early 1900s. These vines yield a marvelous variety of grapes such as Garnacha Blanca, Carinyena and Garnacha Negra. It's these distinctive grape varieties that lend Herència Altés its characteristically rich and robust taste.

Inside the winery itself, you are welcomed by an interesting fusion of the old and new. Traditional wine-making methods are carefully balanced with modern technology, allowing the winery to craft exceptional wines with a profound sense of history and place. Visitors can absorb the fascinating process of wine creation, while also having the opportunity to sample some outstanding vino directly from the source.

In addition to their sustainability efforts, Herència Altés also prides itself on its willingness to share its winemaking passion with enthusiasts. The vineyard offers tours and tastings catered to both novice and experienced drinkers'; creating a truly immersive experience that will leave you wanting more.

Through its remarkable wines, dedication to eco-friendly practices and an unwavering ethos of history and heritage, Herència Altés has indeed carved a laudable niche in the world of viticulture. This is certainly a winery that wine lovers should visit, at least once.

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