About J'Noon

Nestled in the heart of the Indian grape-growing region of Nashik, J'Noon is an irresistible gem for wine aficionados. This exquisite winery is a splendid love affair between Jean-Charles Boisset, the bohemian French vintner par excellence, and Kapil Sekhri, a visionary Indian entrepreneur. Together, they have embarked on an audacious mission to redefine India's place on the globe as a world-class wine-producing country.

Fittingly named after the Urdu word for 'passion', J'Noon has painstakingly handpicked each grape from the shale-rich soils of their vineyard, crafting wines that are at once luxuriously diligent and rapturously received. Each wine is a testament to the spirit of collaboration, reflecting the dedication of their winemakers in bringing the best of the old world and the new together. Its, wine offerings span robust reds, ethereal whites, and serene rosés, each exuding a distinct character and appeal.

The distinguishing factor of J'Noon is the extent to which they have woven the notion of sustainability into their business operations. The winery employs practices such as natural pest control and waste recycling, making it a model of progressive viticulture, one that successfully marries a deep respect for tradition with genuine environmental stewardship.

J'Noon proves that an uncompromising commitment to the finest techniques and an unwavering insistence on quality can put even the most unexpected quarters on the winemaking map. Their passion has not gone unnoticed; J'Noon wines have earned accolades at prestigious wine competitions globally.

In essence, J'Noon, a mélange of Indian terroir and French artistry is a story of passion, vision, and tangible results. For the discerning wine enthusiast, a visit to J'Noon is a journey worth embarking on, to experience firsthand the magic that comes when passion transcends boundaries. Evidently. crafting remarkable wine isn't just a European prerogative. With J'Noon, it is a firmly shared endeavour.

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