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Joel Gott

About Joel Gott

Located in the heart of California's picturesque wine country, the Joel Gott winery is a bastion of enological excellence. This esteemed winery prides itself on delivering a selection of extraordinary wines, meticulously crafted from various regions across the ever-vibrant Californian landscape and beyond.

Since its inception in 1996, the estate has garnered immense praise for its unwavering commitment to quality. The brainchild of fifth-generation Californian vintner, Joel Gott, the winery seamlessly merges classic techniques with modern innovation. Complementing his vast knowledge, Gott has a gifted team assisting him, who are equally passionate about preserving their founder's signature style. Despite the global accolades it has amassed, the winery maintains an approachable, down-to-earth ethos that welcomes both connoisseurs and casual wine-enthusiasts in equal measure.

Remarkably, the winery has a diverse portfolio of wines stemming from renowned wine-growing regions in California, Oregon, and Washington. Each wine presents a unique expression of the terroirs of these regions, which Joel Gott illustrates through his intelligent blending techniques. Among its offerings the 815 Cabernet Sauvignon is particularly acclaimed having won numerous awards and the hearts of wine-lovers across the globe.

While remaining faithful to tradition, Joel Gott winery is also forward-thinking in its production methods. Their commitment to sustainable farming practices ensures their wines not only taste wonderful but are also produced considerately, with respect to the environment.

Visitors to the winery are offered curated tasting experiences; engaging tours of the stunning grounds where they learn about the wines process from grape to glass. The estate's friendly staff echo the warm hospitality of its owners cementing Joel Gott winery as much more than a top-rated winemaking facility; but a beloved community hub.

Imbuing his wines with a sense of place and a story, Joel Gott has indisputably reinforced the regions winemaking reputation on the international stage: and given us all a fair few gorgeous wines to enjoy in the process.

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