Journey's End

Journey's End

About Journey's End

Set in the idyllic locale of Stellenbosch, South Africa, Journey's End winery is more than just a wine establishment - it's a remarkable paradise for wine enthusiasts. With an unerring dedication to producing outstanding wines, it has decorated its name in the world of viticulture.

Nestled amidst scenic views of the False Bay, Journey's End sits at the mountaintop on the Schapenberg hills, boasting 120 hectares of vineyards. The winery's vista point affords visitors a picturesque view of the flourishing vines that varnish the rolling hillside.

Renowned for their commitment to sustainable, quality viticulture, the wines made at Journey's End capture the nuanced intricacies of the terroir whilst offering exceptional depth and complexity. The passionate, highly skilled team, led by winemaker Leon Esterhuizen, utilises the latest technologies and time-honoured methods to craft wines that strike the perfect balance between modern flare and traditional values.

The Wine Range from Journey’s End includes the Huntsman, Pastor's Blend, and the single vineyard series. Each wine is a testament to the harmony of science, nature, and human intervention. Notably, their Chardonnay, with its inviting tropical notes and a mineral undertone, is well-praised by wine lovers and connoisseurs alike.

Taking a wine tasting tour at Journey's End offers more than just a sensory experience of sipping fine wines; it is a journey into the world of viticulture. From vineyard tours and barrel tastings to an exclusive interaction with the winemaker, each activity is designed to unveil the art of winemaking.

For over two decades, Journey's End winery has been a destination of choice for wine lovers in search of locally made, unique wines that epitomise superior quality and craftsmanship; It's a wine experience worth savouring.

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