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Kanaan Winery

About Kanaan Winery

Kanaan Winery is a truly remarkable vineyard nestled on a peaceful hillside in the renowned Ningxia region of China. This winery distinguishes itself as one of the pioneers in Chinese winemaking, offering unique and sophisticated wines that not only echo the indigenous character,, but also bring out an international appeal.

Established in 2011, Kanaan Winery has committed to refining the process of winemaking. Their vineyards span over 16.5 hectares, cultivating scent-filled riesling and succulent cabernet sauvignon grapes. The geographic location boasts an idyllic climate ideal for grape growing - envision hot summer days and remarkably cool nights, a blend that contributes to the complexity of the wines.

The winemaking process at Kanaan Winery is anchored by craftsmanship and innovation. From meticulous farming techniques to masterful blending, the vintners strive to produce exemplary wines that speak of their origin. A testament to their relentless pursuit of quality is their 'Black Label' Cabernet Sauvignon, often compared to top Bordeaux wines.

In its relatively short existence, Kanaan Winery has managed to make a significant mark on the global stage. Frequently lauded for its premium wines, the winery bagged its first gold medal at the Decanter Asia Wine Awards in 2014. Since then, it's added a plethora of accolades to its name, ensuring its footprint in the global wine landscape is etched indelibly.

Apart from its award-winning wines, the winery also boasts a stunning setting that gives visitors a breathtaking panoramic view of the picturesque Helan Mountains. The perfect backdrop for a day spent wine-tasting or simply revelling in the serene beauty of the environment.

Kanaan Winery has indeed cast a new light on Chinese wines, defying the limits of regional winemaking. Their passion for quality is evident in every bottle, promising an unforgettable wine experience to all who taste their exceptional produce. As they continue to craft unparalleled wines, there’s no doubt Kanaan Winery will solidify its position as an iconic emblem in the world of viticulture.

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