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Nestled in the heart of Istria, Croatia, Kozlović winery is an embodiment of tradition, innovation and nature. Founded in 1904, the winery has been meticulously curated by the Kozlović family for over four generations. Love for the vine varieties indigenous to Istria, such as Malvazija Istarska and Teran, has been passed down through each generation, steeping the winery in tradition and authenticity.

Kozlović winery proudly embraces modern technology in their pursuit of producing wines of excellence. State-of-the-art equipment and sustainable wine cultivation practices are seamlessly integrated at every stage of production; resulting in a harmonious merger of old-world charm with modern wine-making techniques. However, it is the passion for harvesting the Istrian grapes, cultivated on their four hectares estate, mirroring the rhythm of nature, that truly defines the Kozlović Winery ethos.

The Sunset Hill vineyard of Kozlović is particularly beloved for its unique terroir within Istria. Gently breezed by the sea winds, its kisses on the vineyard lends a distinct freshness and character to the grapes resulting in signature flavour profiles, that are undeniably Istrian. Malvazija, the crown jewel of the winery, mirrors the region's microclimate and terrains in each sip, offering a captivating balance of fruitiness, minerality and freshness.

A hallmark of Kozlović winery lies in its commitment to crafting every bottle with an unwavering dedication towards quality. Each wine captures the essence of the land, reflecting unique regional characteristics beautifully preserved through experienced hands and patient ageing.

However, experiencing Kozlović is not just limited to tasting their exceptional wines. Be it guided wine tasting tours, exploring the heart of the winery, or simply soaking in the serene vineyard vistas, each visit transcends into a memorable journey in the world of wine.

Every corner of Kozlović winery echoes the passion and commitment of the family, projecting a warm welcome to wine lovers and tourists. Undeniably, Kozlović encapsulates the true spirit of Istria, its wine, tradition and culture. Affording a glimpse of Istria in every bottle; it is, a wine-tasting experience to be treasured.

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