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La Spinetta

About La Spinetta

Nestled in the Piedmont wine-producing region of Northern Italy, La Spinetta is a celebrated winery known for its exceptional wines. Born from an unyielding passion for viniculture, La Spinetta has emerged as a beacon of Italian winemaking excellence since its inception in 1977.

The Rivetti family, who own and operate the winery, have spent decades nurturing their artisan philosophy in order to produce the finest quality vineyards. Embracing a holistic approach to winemaking, they're meticulous in their methods- from the careful harvesting of their grapes to the art of blending and ageing.

La Spinetta spans over three different estates, covering a vast potpourri of micro-climates, soil compositions and grape varieties. Each estate tirelessly cultivates individual plots of vineyards, allowing a unique bouquet of flavours to be birthed from each bottle - whether it is from the indigenous Barbera, Moscato or the international grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.

Visitors to La Spinetta are not only greeted by expansive vineyards and quaint rustic scenes, but also an exclusive opportunity to sample wines directly from the estate's cellars. The winery also offers a personalised tour around its scenic vineyards, wine tasting sessions and decadent Italian cuisine, promising an unforgettable experience to every oenophile.

The brand’s original spirit of innovation and commitment to quality remain undiluted to this day. The Rivetti family carry on their winemaking traditions, continually seeking to perfect their craft and produce wines that capture the essence of their land. That's why their wines are lauded by both critics and wine enthusiasts alike!

Whilst the namesake equine figure that adorns each bottle pays homage to the family's love of horses, it also symbolises the power, elegance and boundless zeal that lies within each bottle of La Spinetta. A symbol of this elegant winery's everlasting dedication to the art of winemaking.

To date, La Spinetta’s rich collection of wines bare both the evocative flavours of Italy's distinguished wine heritage and the Rivetti family’s unwavering dedication to their craft. It is truly a shining legacy to the world of Italian wines.

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