About Langmeil

Located in the heart of Barossa, the Langmeil Winery has etched its name as a noteworthy vineyard in Australia. The founders of Langmeil Winery stem from a long lineage of historical grape cultivation in Australia. Echoing traditional methods of wine crafting, they are devoted to producing exemplary wines which truly reflect the essense of Barossa.

The eccentric charm of Langmeil Winery is rooted in its historical underpinnings. The winery was established by European immigrants in the 19th century, and its historical charm is still palpable today. The cobblestone streets that line the winery, paired alongside the colonial style buildings, transport all visitors back to the days of its inception.

Langmeil Winery proudly holds the world's oldest Shiraz vineyard, also know as the "Freedom 1843", which still yield beautiful fruits to this day. This exceptional vineyard has become an iconic symbol of Langmeil Winery, epitomising quality and dedication that has spanned over a century.

The range of wines offered at Langmeil Winery are diverse, from the compelling full-bodied Shiraz to crisp and vibrant Rieslings. However, the winery specialises in Shiraz and Grenache, with each bottle espousing the unique qualities of the land and weather in the Barossa region. Wine lovers flock to Langmeil year round to sample these premium wines in the scenic backdrop of the vineyard.

In addition to wine, the winery has a beautiful cellar door and tasting facility. Visitors are invited to tour the facility and partake in cellar door tastings, where they're treated to the winery’s best beverages, Each activity is designed to provide authenticity and talent in the art of winemaking to all visitors.

Langmeil Winery stands as a testament to Australia's rich winemaking tradition, and is sure to enrapture everyone with its alluring history, exquisite wines and flawless hospitality.

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