Laurent Perrier

Laurent Perrier

About Laurent Perrier

Established in 1812, Laurent Perrier is one of the most distinguished family-owned Champagne houses worldwide. Nestled amidst the magnificent landscapes of Tours-sur-Marne, the winery lies at the heart of the Champagne region.

Renowned for its exquisite blend of tradition and innovation, Laurent Perrier is a celebrated name in the champagne industry. Boasting over two centuries of expertise, this winery is known for its approach that perpetuates a unique style, consistent taste, and unwavering quality. Particularly noteworthy about their process, is the winery's dedication to an exacting quality standard produced under the vigilant eye of the cellar master.

Their wines are distinctive, characterised by their freshness, elegance, and subtle complexity, which emerges from a rich mosaic of crus, grape varieties, and fermentation methods. The range of Laurent Perrier Champagnes is diverse and includes illustrious labels such as Grand Siècle, Alexandra Rosé, and of course, the legendary Laurent Perrier La Cuvée.

Notably, the Laurent Perrier house pioneered the reintroduction of the historic rosé saignée method, resulting in the Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rosé, one of their most iconic wines. At the intersection of experimentation and tradition, they challenge themselves to craft champagnes that stand at the forefront of contemporary tastes.

Laurent Perrier is also deeply committed to sustainable viticulture. They pursue progressive strategies in harmony with the environment - recognised by the Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne certification. However, their commitment to unparalleled quality never wavers.

In the heart of the lush green vines, this distinguished Champagne house crafts wines of extraordinary quality and elegance. Not just a symbol of luxury, Laurent Perrier continues to impress with its enduring commitment to create unrivalled champagnes for wine lovers around the globe, It's a symbol of French sophistication and a testimony to the Champagne region's rich heritage.

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