About Mahi

Nestled in the lush and fertile landscape of Marlborough, New Zealand, lies the renowned Mahi winery. Globally recognised for its incredible offerings, it has won the hearts of wine enthusiasts around the globe.

Mahi, which means 'our work' or 'our craft' in Maori, truly embodies a spirit of craftsmanship. Brian Bicknell, with his partners, established the winery in 2001. Brian, with his past experience as a winemaker in Hungary, Australia, France and Chile, was inspired by different winemaking cultures and sought to create something truly unique in Mahi.

The winery boasts a collection of exquisite wines, but it has gained particular recognition for its exceptional Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. The carefully nurtured vines, rooted in the rich, fertile soil produce remarkably flavoursome and rich fruits. The result is wines that are layered, complex and wonderfully reflective of their terroir.

The vineyard stretches to the glorious hills of Marlborough; a region celebrated for its sunny climate and cool nights that are perfect for wine-growing. Mahi Winery operates on sustainable principles incorporating environmental well-being into all aspects of its operation. Global wine lovers admire it for its commitment to respecting and preserving the natural environment.

At Mahi, the emphasis is on preserving the fruit’s integrity, allowing natural fermentation processes to shape the taste of the wines. Less intervention results in wines that are a pure expression of their environment. The winery's commitment to minimal interference, combined with Brian's intricate knowledge of winemaking, has resulted in the creation of some of the world's most celebrated wines.

Mahi also understands the importance of forging connections with those who appreciate their wines. The winery offers intimate and educational winery tours, allowing guests to walk the vines, and taste the terroir first hand. It’s a unique opportunity to learn more about the journey from grape to bottle.

Indeed, Mahi winery is a testament to the devotion and craft of those who value work of heart, taste and tradition. But, the journey doesn’t end here, as every bottle of Mahi wine is an invitation, to savour, explore, and celebrate the richness and beauty of Marlborough’s soul.

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