MAN Family Wines

MAN Family Wines

About MAN Family Wines

Located in South Africa's heart, MAN Family Wines is an emblematic winery with an extraordinary ethos. Through a fusion of passion, dedication and keen interest in refining winemaking process, the MAN Family Wines have carved a niche in the wine industry, not just in South Africa, but worldwide.

Founded in 2001 by three aspiring friends with a shared love for wine, the operation has grown bigger than they ever imagined. Captivating out-of-the-box philosophy, the winery was named after their wives – Marie, Annette and Nicky – which led them to acronym MAN. This was a playful gesture more than anything else, an act of love that set a welcoming and familial tone for the winery.

But don't let the playful naming convention fool you. The team behind MAN Family Wines take their craft very seriously. They are committed to producing top-notch wines that capture the essence and terroir of the Stellenbosch region. Their range encompasses from whites such as Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay to reds like Pinotage, Cabernet Sauvignon to name few.

The winery operates under an ethos that respects the land and prioritises sustainable farming and winemaking methods. They are dedicated to creating wines that not only taste good but also pay homage to the earth and the fruits it seamlessly produces.

Their elegant constellation of wines is a testament to this commitment. MAN Family Wines enchant the palate with a range of flavours, embodying the striking diversity of the South African landscape united under the umbrella of outstanding craftsmanship.

Despite the global recognition, MAN Family Wines retains snug, welcoming charm. Visitors can indulge in intimate wine tastings, gain insights into the winemaking journey, and perhaps catch a glimpse of the winery's ethos in action. Either way, the winery’s spirited atmosphere and beautifully crafted offerings render it a must-visit for any wine connoisseur.

In short, the MAN Family Wines winery is undoubtedly a gem in South Africa's winemaking crown, With its dedication to creating premium quality wines and its unique brand story, it's a place where every sip tells a tale, each bottle houses a story. As every wine lover knows every, story is better when it's shared – just like a good bottle of wine.

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