About Mancura

Located in the heart of the renowned wine region of Chile, Mancura Winery is a tribute to the indigenous heritage and mythical creatures that inhabit South America’s soul. This quintessential winery is specifically dedicated to crafting world-class wines emblematic of the distinctiveness and diversity of Chile’s finest terroirs.

Spanning across the globe, Mancura wines represent the rich tapestry of Chile's landscapes, from sunny coastal vineyards to cooler climates hidden amongst the majestic Andes Mountains. Mancura continually strives to uphold the legendary Mancura bird’s wild spirit, embodied in every bottle they produce.

Mancura Winery employs a blend of traditional and contemporary techniques to ensure each bottle of wine captures the resplendence of Chile's unique landscape. Additionally; they maintain an unrelenting commitment to the ecosystem and sustainability, therefore, opting for organic farming methods and minimal intervention winemaking.

Humming with the rhythm of South America, Mancura wines are a masterful balance of freshness, complexity and elegance. Each bottle unravels layers of beautiful fruit characteristics intertwined with the essence of the region, offering wine enthusiasts an unforgettable journey of the senses.

Every sip plunges tasters into the magic and mystery of the Mancura, unlocking the spirit of the wild, and paying homage to the beauty of the land from which these wines are born. Visiting the Mancura Winery is more than a simple wine tasting experience; it's diving into the rich depth of Chilean culture, its people and traditions. A visit to the Mancura Winery takes wine lovers on a mystic journey, from the slopes of Andes to the heart of South America.

Upon entering Mancura Winery, one can't help but be astounded by the breathtaking panorama of verdant vineyards, against the backdrop of snow-capped Andes. Every detail in the winemaking process is guided by deep love and respect for the land, offering a piece of Chile's heart in every glass.

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