Masi Tupungato

Masi Tupungato

About Masi Tupungato

Nestled deep within the majestic Andes mountain range, Masi Tupungato winery is an enchanting destination that offers an immersive Italian-Argentinian winemaking experience. The winery takes its name from the breathtakingly beautiful Tupungato volcano, a tangible symbol of the spectacular natural landscape that informs every aspect of the winemaking process at this extraordinary vineyard.

Sprawling across 140 hectares, this vineyard is a heartening sight with its serene beauty and unspoilt charm. Founded in the late 1990s, Masi Tupungato was born out of the revolutionary vision of the Boscaini Family from Veneto, Italy. A firm believer of the "wine bio-district" concept, the winery prides itself on its sustainable form of viticulture, completely organic and respectful of local winemaking traditions.

True to its biodynamic principles Masi Tupungato's winemaking process is wholly natural and ethical; it encompasses a comprehensive ecosystem that respects the unique relationship between man and nature. The deep respect for the soil and the local biodiversity is reflected in every bottle of wine, infusing each sip with a distinct character and 'terroir' appreciation.

Known for their distinctive Corvina grapes and creativity in producing robust, full-bodied wines. What makes their vineyard special is their unique use of the 'appassimento' method– a traditional Italian practice of drying grapes to concentrate their flavours before pressing; adding to the illustrious wine's exceptional quality and complexity.

Aside from wine, Masi Tupungato also cultivates olives and several varieties of fruit which are incorporated into the winery’s farm-to-table culinary offerings. Visitors can savour the extravagance of harmonious wine pairings, thoughtfully curated to complement a range of traditional Argentine and Italian dishes carefully sources and prepared from the local farms,

Overall, Masi Tupungato winery is a delight for those seeking a harmonious blend of tradition, sustainability, and advanced viticulture practices. Prepare your sense for a truly unique wine tasting experience where the bottle is a celebration of the land, the culture, and the meticulous craft of winemaking. The winery offers an exquisite experience for any wine enthusiast to immerse in Argentinian wine culture, breath taking landscapes, and sumptuous, sustainable cuisine.

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