McHenry Hohnen Vintners

McHenry Hohnen Vintners

About McHenry Hohnen Vintners

Set against the brilliant backdrop of Western Australia, McHenry Hohnen Vintners winery embodies the epitome of fine wine crafting. Located amidst Margaret River's rolling hills, the winery revels in the regions naturally bestowed climate, suited perfectly for viticulture.

Renowned for its unique and characterful varieties, McHenry Hohnen Vintners was born as a collaborative venture of two families, both deeply rooted in producing quality wines. The families in question are,, the Hohnens and McHenrys, with David Hohnen boasting an impressive legacy as the founding winemaker of the globally recognised brand, Cape Mentelle. Joined by his brother-in-law Murray McHenry, a veteran wine retailer, the winery was established in 2004, creating ripples in the Australian, and later global, wine scene.

The heart of the winery lies in its philosophy - each wine’s individuality is a reflection of their distinguished terroirs. They passionately adopt a hands-off approach in their crafting process, keeping intervention to a minimum, and amplifying the natural flavours found in their vineyards. The winery is also committed to sustainability, taking sizeable strides in their eco-conscious efforts. McHenry Hohnen is noted for being carbon-neutral and the vines grow in harmony with the environment surrounding them.

It is this combination of location passion, skill, and respect for nature, that gives birth to the distinctly flavourful, multi-dimensional, and complex wines at McHenry Hohnen Vintners. With the backdrop of awe-inspiring natural beauty, the McHenry Hohnen winery serves as a testament to the magic that can happen when nature, tradition and innovation come together in perfect harmony. Visitors are often captivated not just by the superb quality wines, but also the incredible story of two families embarking on a wine making journey together; a testament to their shared love for wine.

As if that wasn't alluring enough, the visitor experience comes complete with a trip to their cellar door, where they can discover some of the rare, handcrafted wines, enhancing the intoxicating allure of this outstanding winery.

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