About Nittardi

Nestled deep within the serene hills of Chianti, stands the enchanting Nittardi winery. This historic establishment produces some of the most remarkable wines in Italy, deftly combining the enduring tradition of Tuscan winemaking with modern techniques to generate an extraordinary range of flavours.

The roots of the Nittardi winery stretch back to the 16th century, a testament to its rich heritage. Its vineyards unfurl across two premier wine regions, Chianti Classico and Maremma, each bestowing a distinctive character to Nittardi's wines. Nittardi's wines express an authentic reflection of this terroir, with its soil, climate and topography all conspiring to shape their unique taste profiles

At the heart of Nittardi's success is a blend of passion, precision, and dedication to sustainability. The cultivation is based on organic farming, contributing their bit to preserving the region's remarkable biodiversity. Season upon season, Nittardi nurtures its precious grapevines with a careful regimen of natural composts and preventive treatments that spurns artificiality.

Their wines are just as remarkable as their process. Renowned for their exquisite alchemy of flavour, structure, and sophistication, Nittardi's wines have attained critical acclaim. Whether it be the Lux Vitis, a magnificent creation hailed as a "Super Tuscan", or the Nectar Dei, lauded for its warm, velvety taste, there is a certain reverence evident in each bottle.

A visit to Nittardi feels like stepping into a timeless world of tranquillity and beauty, where the craft of winemaking has been faithfully preserved, and ably enhanced, through the centuries. Here, one has a chance to savour the fruits of Italian viticultural history, married subtly with the rigour of modernity; a blend that has made Nittardi the tour de force that it is in the world of fine wines today.

With Nittardi, enjoy an incomparable journey filled with delectable discoveries. A journey that truly honours the beauty of the Tuscan hills and explores the depths of Italy's wine-making expertise, it's an experience that lingers well beyond the final sip.

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