About Offley

Established in the heart of Oporto, Portugal, Offley winery is a remarkable institution, boasting a rich history that spans more than 250 years. Founded in 1737 by an English wine merchant, William Offley, this esteemed winery has since magnified its status through impeccable consistency in quality, innovation, and passion.

Over the decades, Offley has broadened its operations and now enjoys a strong prominence in over 70 countries. Despite expanding significantly, the winery continues to maintain its age-old traditions, which includes producing exceptional port and table wines that mirror the heritage and craftsmanship of its origins.

The winery set amidst a cascading vineyard offers breath-taking views, making each visit an experience of a lifetime. Its cellars, located in the historical area of Vila Nova de Gaia, serve as a fascinating testament to Offley's legacy and dedication to excellence in port wine production. Over time, these cellars have become a significant attraction, hosting thousands of visitors each year, eager to witness first-hand the distinctive process of winemaking and the ageing of some of the world's finest port wines.

Those who put their foot across the threshold of the Offley Winery will instantly be met with the aromatic bouquet of fermenting wines, powerful and yet entirely intriguing to the senses. Each bottle packed by Offley seems to encapsulate the passion, dedication, and meticulous care its makers pour into their work.

Among the splendid array of wines Offley produces, their Port wines standout. These fortified wines crafted in the Douro Valley are known for their inherent elegance, fruity aroma, and sumptuous finish. With a strong commitment to sustainable practices, Offley continues to innovate. Which is exemplified by their vintage wines that are made using organic cultivation processes.

Offley Winery is much more than a brand; it is a theatrical preserve of winemaking mastery that continues to push boundaries while cherishing a storied legacy. It's a place where time feels suspended, captured in every bottle of wine they produce.

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