About Poggiotondo

Poggiotondo is a charming winery, nestled in the heart of Italy's venerable Tuscan wine region. Steeped in old world tradition, this winery offers a distinctive and refined approach to viticulture, producing award-winning wines recognised globally for their blend of modern innovation and authentic Italian heritage.

Situated on the lush and verdant slopes of the Tuscan hills, Poggiotondo's vineyards are bathed in radiant sunlight and cooled by the gentle sea breezes, creating an idyllic grape-growing environment. It’s fertile soils, shaped over millennia by geological and climactic events, contribute to the unique character and complexity of its wines.

At the helm of this renowned winery is Alberto Antonini, a globetrotting oenologist with a clear vision, to showcase the rich and diverse potential of the Tuscan terroir. His commitment to organic and sustainable winegrowing techniques has positioned Poggiotondo at the forefront of the organic wine movement, in Italy, embracing the philosophy of working 'with' and not 'against' nature.

Behind the winery’s meticulous production methods, lies a deep respect for nature and a dedication to biodiversity – promoting the flourishing of a variety of vine species, insects and wild flora and fauna. This holistic approach manifests in the wines themselves, resulting in a rich spectrum of aromatic profiles and tasteful layers.

Poggiotondo's portfolio portrays a true sense of place, boasting a range of top-quality organic wines, including the prestigious Chianti and Vermentino. Each bottle bespeaks the winery's trademark: a perfect balance between the fruit's intrinsic characteristics and an elegant mineral expression, derived from the local terroir.

Ultimately, Poggiotondo Winery is a gem that invites wine enthusiasts to journey through the essence of Tuscany with each sip. Its commitment to organic viticulture, respect for the environment and earnest belief in the virtues of great wine, have granted it a respected and admired space in the world of wine. Not only captures the true spirit and flavour of Tuscany, it also offers a guilt-free, eco-conscious way to indulge your palate.

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