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Prima Alta

About Prima Alta

Prima Alta winery, nestled in the heart of the gorgeous Italian wine region, is a premium winemaker that epitomises luxury, quality, and tradition. This family-run winery's main objective is to produce world-class wines, teeming with flavour and sophistication.

Established in the 19th century, the Prima Alta winery is steeped in rich history and refined craftsmanship. The vineyard spreads over rolling hills and sun-kissed valleys, creating a picturesque landscape that is a delight to behold. The favourable Mediterranean climate, combined with nutrient-rich soil, provides an ideal environment for the vines to thrive.

The winery's offerings are an epitome of Italian finesse, with handpicked grapes gently caressed into expressive wines. These range from bold reds and crisp whites to exquisite rosés and sparkling prosessos. Prima Alta's dedication towards sustainable wine-making practices is noteworthy, with an active commitment to reduce water usage and reduce their carbon footprint.

Tours of Prima Alta Winery offer a profound and immersive experience. Visitors can savour the breath-taking views of manicured vineyards, explore the vinification process in the traditional cellars. and enjoy a bespoke wine tasting session. For true wine connoisseurs, the tantalising scent of aging wine barrels, combined with the rich taste of handcrafted wines, makes for a truly sensory indulgence.

The exquisite wine paired with the rich ambiance, create an exceptional gastronomic experience that is hard to forget. Be it a special occasion or simply a leisurely day out, Prima Alta Winery promises an unparalleled experience of Italian wine culture.

From the roots of tradition to the fruits of the vine Prima Alta winery is a testament to exceptional winemaking. This much-loved destination is more than just a vineyard – it’s a journey into the heart of Italian wine culture – the perfect blend of tradition, innovation quality, and taste.

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