Quinta da Fonte Souto

Quinta da Fonte Souto

About Quinta da Fonte Souto

Quinta da Fonte Souto is an illustrious Portuguese winery, nestled in the luxurious landscape of the Serra de São Mamede mountain range in the Alentejo region. The abundant bounty of the land is credited for the myriad of flavours concocted by this celebrated winery.

Established amidst a tale of serenity and natural magnificence, Quinta da Fonte Souto spans across 207 hectares, from which 42 hectares are dedicated solely to the cultivation of vines. Lured by the region's promising ecological conditions, Symington Family Estates – esteemed for their long standing association with premium wines – acquired this winery in 2017.

Delving beyond the charming vistas the vineyard presents, Quinta da Fonte Souto boasts a unique terroir marked by its peculiar microclimate and diverse soil composition, setting it apart from the typical characteristics associated with Alentejo. This distinctive soil, combined with the region’s intrinsic freshness, encourages the fruit to ripen gradually, resulting in an optimal harmony of acids and sugars. It is this special amalgamation that plays into the impeccable taste and structure of Quinta da Fonte Souto wines.

The winery produces world-class wines imbued with elegance, finesse, and a persuasive richness. Quinta da Fonte Souto's wide-ranging portfolio includes favourites like white wines made from Arinto and Verdelho grape varieties, and red wines made from Alicante Bouschet, Syrah, Alfrocheiro and others,

A visit to Quinta da Fonte Souto is an engaging journey of tasting acclaimed wines and engaging in the artistry of winemaking. Its enthralling old-world charm combined with modern winemaking technology, is a sight to behold: awakening an awe-inspiring window into the world of deterministic wine cultivation.

From the attentive care in the vineyards, to the thoughtful craftsmanship in the wine cellars, Quinta da Fonte Souto is a testament to the Symington family’s passion for wine and their enduring commitment to preserving the grandeur of the vineyards. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a casual taster, Quinta da Fonto Souto promises a memorable indulgence in the captivating world of wine craftsmanship.

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