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Renato Ratti

About Renato Ratti

Renato Ratti winery, nestled within the verdant landscapes of Piedmont, Italy, belongs to one of the most prestigious names in the Italian wine industry. The winery was founded in 1965 by Renato Ratti, a man whose extraordinary passion for viticulture not only revolutionized the perception of Barolo wines, but also made history in Italian winemaking.

Situated in the sun-drenched, Langhe hills of Piedmont, this Italian winery is renowned for producing elegant and complex wines. Following the traditional principles of winemaking, Renato Ratti draws the essence of its highly regarded varietals from the rich, loamy soils and desirable climate of the Langhe territory. This combination of natural resources allows every bottle to encapsulate the distinct character and unique charm of the region.

Renato Ratti winery firmly believes in respecting nature’s rhythm. This is emphasised through their strategic blending of traditional and modern wine-making techniques, all while maintaining the legacy left by Renato Ratti. Each bottle is a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality. The winery's product line proudly showcases an exquisite range of red wines, particularly the internationally acclaimed Barolo, Nebbiolo, and Barbera.

Despite the extensive growth and development over the years, the winery has managed to retain its quaint and intimate charm. Each tour offers an intriguing insight into the winery's history and the art of winemaking; complemented by guided tastings that introduce visitors to a variety of their remarkable offerings.

Whether you're a seasoned wine connoisseur or a newbie in the world of viticulture, a visit to Renato Ratti winery promises an unforgettable experience. This iconic establishment is more than just a winery; it's a profoundly, inspiring chapter of Italy's wine history. One that continues to delight with each sip of their meticulously crafted wines.

So, if you're in Piedmont, don't miss the opportunity to immerse in the classic blend of tradition, innovation and the harmonious symphony of flavours that is Renato Ratti winery, you won't be disappointed.

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