Richard Kershaw

Richard Kershaw

About Richard Kershaw

Located in the quaint town of Elgin in South Africa, Richard Kershaw winery exudes all the ambience befitting of a world-class vineyard. Founded and named after the renowned master of wine, Richard Kershaw, this winery specialises in producing single vineyard wines that truly represent the quintessential character of their origin.

The winery is famous for its cool climate style Chardonnay and Pinot Noir as well as its limited quantity wines such as Syrah and Riesling; with the essence of every batch being shaped by the distinct soil and climatic conditions of Elgin. What sets this vineyard apart is Kershaw’s commitment to crafting wines that reflect the rich, nuanced terroir of this unique region. This approach, coupled with an adherence to minimal intervention in the viticulture process, enables the wines to truly express their unique provenance.

Richard Kershaw Winery’s idyllic setting is not the only charm that captivates visitors. The winery also offers an enlightening and enjoyable wine tasting experience. Guests are led through a delicate exploration of each vintage, allowing them to appreciate the intricate balance of flavours extracted from each grape varietal.

However, the real jewel in Richard Kershaw’s crown is the man himself. His expertise, passion and knowledge in the art of winemaking are unmatched, as his relentless pursuit of perfection continues to drive the winery to new heights. His endeavours have not gone unnoticed, as Richard Kershaw Wines have been recipients of multiple prestigious awards, further affirming their exceptional quality.

In conclusion, Richard Kershaw winery offers not only a picturesque setting, but also a unique, personal wine experience that is imbued with the passion of its founder. Here, wine isn't just a beverage, it’s a bridge into the heart of South African terroir. A trip to this celebrated winery is sure to be a memorable one and an absolute must for any wine connoisseur.

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