About Sandeman

Nestled in the captivating landscapes of Portugal and Spain, sits one of the most iconic wineries in the world, Sandeman. Since its conception in 1790, Sandeman has earned an esteemed reputation in the world of wines and spirits through its commitment to quality, innovation and daring spirit.

Founded by George Sandeman, a young Scot from Perth, the esteemed winery began its journey in Porto and Jerez. George, a pioneer in his own right, had the audacity to blend traditional methods with innovative practices. Thus, giving birth to an intriguing portfolio of finely crafted Ports and Sherries that have won the hearts of wine connoisseurs across the globe.

The Sandeman brand, instantly recognisable by its Don logo, boasts an intriguing blend of mystery and sophistication. The black cape and wide-brimmed hat of the logo have become an iconic symbol of the brand's daring character and cinematic flair.

Tourists visiting Sandeman’s winery are in for a treat, with regular tours catering to every preference and palette. You can experience the ageing process of their noteworthy wines in the expansive cellars or participate in a guided tasting session. It is an exploration of the rich history, meticulous craftsman ship, and the captivating fusion of tradition and innovation that defines Sandeman's wines.

However, Sandeman's true charm lays beyond its impeccable selection of Ports and Sherries, It is the winery’s undying commitment to upholding its 200-year-old traditions, preserving the rich aroma and taste that has made it a global name in the wine industry.

Known for its pioneering spirit, Sandeman has ventured beyond producing only traditional Ports and Sherries to offering table wines from Douro and Alentejo, further solidifying its status as a leader in the world of wine.

Through the centuries, Sandeman Winery remains a testament to fine winemaking. Its enduring legacy and pursuit of perfection continue to intrigue and fascinate wine lovers everywhere. Truly, a serving of Sandeman is a taste of history, encapsulating the tale of a winery that dared to be different and left an indelible imprint on the wine world.

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