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Santa Rita

About Santa Rita

Just a short distance from Chile's bustling capital, Santiago, lies the celebrated Santa Rita Winery. Overlooking the winding Maipo River, Santa Rita Winery's verdant vineyards have basked in the Chilean sun for more than 135 years. Nestled amidst broad lawns and aged, exotic trees, the winery produces some of the most exemplary wines on an international scale.

The winery's far-reaching success can be attributed to the perfect blend of deep-rooted tradition, innovation and sustainability. The diverse characteristic of the region, dappled with unique micro-climates, allows Santa Rita to foster a myriad of different grape varieties. The varieties range from the classic Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to the distinctly Chilean Carmenere. With due respect to the indigenous Mapuche culture, the vineyards are named after the Mapuche harbingers, symbolising the ever-present harmony between the winery and its coveted land.

Santa Rita Winery is not only known for its wine production, but also its stunning architecture and rich history. The vineyard main building, a colonial-era edifice imbued with a vintage aura, is a stark contrast to the cutting-edge technology used in its state-of-the-art cellars. These cellars are home to thousands of French Oak barrels where their wines are left to mature and gain their sophisticated palate.

Moreover, living up to its commitment to sustainability, the Sant Rita Winery has introduced innovative and environmentally friendly practices. From recycling wastes to solar-powered operations, the winery sets a new standard for the vinicultural world.

One doesn't get the complete Santa Rita experience without visiting the renowned Andean Museum; situated on the winery grounds. The museum hosts a wide array of pre-Columbian artifacts offering a fascinating insight into Chile's rich past.

Whether you're a wine connoisseur or simply a traveller looking for an incredible experience. The Santa Rita Winery is definitely worth a visit. Its magnificent landscapes, world-class wines and the profound sense of history are truly unmatched.

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