Scotto Family Wines

Scotto Family Wines

About Scotto Family Wines

Nestled amidst the rolling hills of California, Scotto Family Wines exudes genuineness and warmth, in every aspect. From their diligent growing and crafting processes, to the rich flavoursome wines they produce, the fifth-generation, family run winery is reflective of their grand love for the age-old tradition of fine winemaking.

The Scottos began their adventurous journey with vine and grape in Italy and later planted their dreams in the Golden State of the USA. Since their inception, the family’s unyielding commitment to quality and innovation has remained unfaltering. Scotto Family Wines meticulously blends time-honoured practices with modern techniques, resulting in exquisite wines that are a testament to their forte.

Spanning over five generations, the Scotto's winery possesses an extensive array of wines that cater to diverse palates. Their unique yet premier range features everything from robust, full-bodied reds to light, crisp whites, and even some delightful sparkling varieties. Each wine, dressed in charming labels, is handcrafted to perfection and exudes the family's overarching passion and masterful skill.

What sets Scotto Family Wines apart from the rest is indeed their dedication to craft wines with depth complexity and character. But their unique brilliance transcends the realms of wine production. It extends into their rapport and connection with customers, building relationships that add a personal touch to their service,

A visit to the winery offers wine-lovers more than just a simple wine tasting. It serves to provide an immersive experience that acquaints guests with the intriguing journey the vines undertake before blooming into the flavoursome wines ready to be savoured.

Scotto Family Wines, with their dedication to tradition, innovation, and captivating storytelling, have undeniably carved out a niche for themselves in the competitive world of winemaking. It is, indeed, more than a winery- it is a celebration of family, history, and the shared joy of wine.

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