Seresin Estate

Seresin Estate

About Seresin Estate

Located in the heart of Marlborough, New Zealand, the esteemed Seresin Estate Winery is not merely a harvest of grapes. Nestled amongst the rolling green vineyards, this winery creates the seamless blend of innovative winemaking techniques with the beauty of nature. Every year, a steady flux of wine connoisseurs, enthusiasts and those simply curious about what a revered establishment has to offer, graces Seresin Estate – and they are rarely left disappointed.

This boutique winery, headed by noteworthy cinematographer Michael Seresin, astounds visitors with its unique approach to winemaking that values organic farming alongside sustainable practices. Making a clear distinction from the standard commercial winemaking process, Seresin applies biodynamic principles, drawing their wine's vibrancy not merely from the sun-drenched vines, but also from the myriad intricate natural processes at work in the vineyard.

Each bottle of wine carries the distinct characteristic of the land that born it. From complex, rich Pinot Noir, vibrant and aromatic Sauvignon Blancs to elegant Chardonnays the assortment of wine produced at Seresin Estate celebrates the diversity of the land’s terroir. The texture, depth and complexity of these wines are a testament to the meticulous care given to each vine.

A visit to Seresin is made complete by their stunning cellar door tastings. Here visitors can sample the estates wine range, olive oils and relish in conversations about winemaking that pull back the curtain to reveal the hard work and dedication that goes beyond the glamour of the final product.

Despite this Seresin Estate stays true to its endeavour. To create a memorable experience that goes beyond just another visit to a winery, It aims to let visitors take a part of the spirit of the land home with them when they leave, encased not just in their bottles of wine, but in their hearts as well. In essence, each visit forms a connection; a bridge between the land, the wine, and the people who appreciate them.

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