Shaw and Smith

Shaw and Smith

About Shaw and Smith

Shaw and Smith winery is an esteemed Australian vineyard revered globally for its exceptional wines and idyllic location. Established in the classic winemaking region of Adelaide Hills in 1989, the winery is a collaboration between two relatives and wine aficionados, Martin Shaw and Michael Hill Smith. Over the past three decades, they have strived to create wines that exemplify the very essence of their particular region.

Situated at an altitude of 500 metres, the winery's climate is distinctly cool. This unique terroir, marked by low fertile soils and ample sunshine, gives rise to superlative grape varieties. The fruit produced at Shaw and Smith enchantingly captures the character of the Australian soil yielding wines that are aromatic, balanced, and incredibly refreshing.

The winery specialises in two main varieties—Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz. The Sauvignon Blanc, with a crisp, elegant structure and vibrant acidity, continues to win accolades worldwide. The Shiraz, rich with robust flavours, displays resonant spice and pepper notes an is hailed for its intensity and complexity.

Shaw and Smith’s commitment to sustainability is laudable. Their holistic approach extends from the vineyard to the cellar and includes initiatives for water conservation, organic waste composting and the reduction of greenhouse emissions. The winery’s operation is a testament to the philosophy that exceptional wine begins with a respect for the land.

This winsome winery has steadily grown its reputation while maintaining a profitable niche in the wine industry. It is not just a place for wine connoisseur but also a sanctuary for those who crave serenity amidst nature's beauty, with its mesmeric views of the rolling hills and sprawling vine rows.

So if you're on the lookout for a charming getaway or seeking an exquisite addition to your wine collection, Shaw and Smith should undoubtedly be on your list. Start planning your trip or placing your order today for a taste of their divine vintages. You will be left, no doubt, wanting for more.

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