About Tabula

Nestled amidst beautiful landscapes, Tabula is a charming winery immersed in the heart of Spain's famous Ribera del Duero region. This sophisticated winery's foundation dates back to 2002, meticulously curated and designed by Pilar Garcia-Granero, taking inspiration from the regional 'bodegas' blueprint.

Known for its avant-garde design, the winery cleverly utilises space and natural resources. Built mainly underground, to help maintain optimum temperature for ageing wines. The Tabula winery encapsulates the perfect environmental alchemy for producing the finest wines this part of Spain is celebrated for. The winery's breathtaking architecture sits harmoniously with the natural scenery, an ode to the winemakers' philosophy of uniting human touch and nature seamlessly.

The Tabula winery's extensive vineyards spread across 22 hectares, offering a rich mélange of soil types, each adding a unique characteristic to the grape varieties grown. Being south-facing the vineyards yield quality crops, blessed by the brilliant Spanish sun. Their wines are a precious testament to the harmonious amalgamation of the land's bounty and the expert craftsmanship of the winemakers.

The winery's repertoire of wines exudes the enticing essence of the region, imbued with elegance, balance, and depth of flavour. Among them, Tabula, Damana, and Gran Tabula, each present the rich, velvety fruitiness of the Tempranillo grape variety. A visit to the winery is a sensorial experience redefining gourmet winetasting. From the tantalising aromas of fermenting wines wafting in the air, to melt-in-your-mouth Galician cheese accompanying the wine tasting.

The aesthetically landscaped gardens and lush vineyards of Tabula winery provide a serene backdrop for wine tasting events and make for a splendid spot for wine lovers to relax and relish the captivating world of wine. For real wine enthusiasts wishing to delve deep into the art of winemaking, Tabula winery offers guided tours. Embark on this enchanting journey to uncover the fascinating process, from the cultivation of grapevines to the final irresistible sip of vino.

Undoubtedly, Tabula winery beckons every wine connoisseur and nature lover with its verdant landscapes, enchanting ambience and impeccable wines: an experience to savour.

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