About Tedeschi

Nestled in the heart of Northern Italy, sits the renowned Tedeschi winery, an emblem of heritage, passion, and masterful winemaking. This family-owned estate has been creating exquisite wines that passionately narrate the tale of the land and its tradition for centuries.

Situated in Pedemonte, the winery boasts of abundant volcanic and limestone-rich soils that provide the vines with an exclusive blend of minerals needed to produce wines with robust flavours and enduring complexity. The overriding philosophy here is to allow the fruit to express itself wholly without the intervention of artificial processes.

Deeply rooted in tradition, Tedeschi winery is a bearer of historical significance. It was in 1824 when Nicolo Tedeschi on a vineyard, paving the way for a legacy that still thrives today. Over time, the Tedeschi family's knowledge enriched, and the use of innovative technology boosted the production of top-quality wines.

The winery's forte lies in its sublime Valpolicella and Amarone wines, earning it wide acclaim and high appreciation from connoisseurs. Leading the helm today is the fifth generation of the Tedeschi family who remain steadfast in practising refined viticulture and minimal intervention during the winemaking process.

Sustainability is closely intertwined with the ethos of the estate, with Tedeschi winery firmly committed to preserving the environmental integrity of the land. From managing water resources to minimising waste, every bottle produced is a testament to their dedication towards environmentally-friendly practices.

Visitors to the winery can indulge in wine tasting tours and soak in the panoramic views of the vine-clad hills. The journey doesn't just end with flavoursome wine, it involves an emotional trip into the history of a family.

Tedeschi winery, with its velvety wines embodying the essence of the Veneto terrains, continues to hold sway over wine lovers across the globe. Their philosophy of maintaining harmony with nature and upholding tradition is commendable; the legacy of Tedeschi illuminates the inherent beauty of artisanal wines everywhere!

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