Tenuta delle Terre Nere

Tenuta delle Terre Nere

About Tenuta delle Terre Nere

Located in the heart of Sicily, Tenuta delle Terre Nere is a winery renowned for its exceptional wines sourced from indigenous grapes. Owning a total of 55 hectares, of which 27 are vineyards, the estate embodies a perfect melding between nature and culture.

The vineyard represents the dream come true for Marco de Grazia, the proprietor, who set out to make this one of the most sought-after wineries in Italy. Striving for preservation of the land and the indigenous varietals, their wines are bottled using minimal intervention, ensuring authenticity and unrivalled quality.

Its name, Tenuta delle Terre Nere, holds a deep meaning evoking the black volcanic soil that enriches the lush vineyards. This native soil gives birth to wines imbued with a certain character – a beautiful complexity and a singular personality speaking to Sicily's rich heritage,

The winery is located on the slopes of Mount Etna, Europe's highest active volcano, which lends an almost tangible air of drama. It is situated in one the finest wine-producing regions in Italy, unarguably contributing to the high regard the produce of Tenuta delle Terre Nere holds globally. As a testimony to its excellence, the winery has won numerous accolades over years, consistently impressing critics and wine lovers alike.

Apart from winemaking, the winery proudly extends its focus on sustainability; working towards protecting the ecology and promoting biodiversity. Their commitment shows in every bottle of wine that emerges from this soil lovingly nourished by the lava of Mount Etna.

If there'd be a tale told through wines it would be within the wines of Tenuta delle Terre Nere; a tale of the perfect partnership between man, land and nature. A visit will open your senses to the splender and passion of Sicilian winemaking.

Admittedly, the Terre Nere winery is a haven for those seeking to savour a slice of Sicily's soul, where each sip tells a tale of the island's fiery heritage.

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