Tenuta di Capezzana

Tenuta di Capezzana

About Tenuta di Capezzana

Nestled in the heart of Tuscany, the Tenuta di Capezzana winery is a captivating testament to Italy's rich winemaking history. The estate dates back over 1,200 years, complete with historic vineyards and masterful winemakers who strive to uphold the vintage traditions.

Covering an impressive 660 hectares, the Tenuta di Capezzana winery prides itself on its diverse landscape, comprising of vineyards, olive groves, woodlands and farmlands. This variety of terrain gives its wines unique and complex profiles, with an emphasis on harmony and quality. Renowned for its superior Carmignano wines, the winery's expertise in wine production is undeniable.

Continuing a proud tradition of excellence, the winery also extends into the creation of world-class extra virgin olive oil, crafted from the property's abundant groves. Both their wines and olive oil are a perfect blend of tradition and modernization, instilling each bottle with Italian history, passion and meticulous precision.

The architecture of the Tenuta di Capezzana winery is equally mesmerising. The estate features an enchanting villa dating back to the renaissance, magnificent cellars chiseled into stone, and an immaculate garden clinging onto the heart of this captivating winery.

A visit to Tenuta di Capezzana is about much more than just its splendid wines. It is an all-encompassing experience that immerses the visitor in the lure of winemaking, the history of its estate, and the warmth of their hospitality. Wine tastings are conducted in the historic cellars, where each vintage is carefully aged; while on-site gourmet dining allows each guest to indulge in traditional Tuscan cuisine, expertly paired with the winery's offerings.

Tenuta di Capezzana is indeed a jewel of Tuscany; a place of timeless beauty and authentic Italian charm. With an enduring commitment to producing the finest wines and olive oil, the estates reputation is well-deserved and as colourful as its vibrant landscapes:

Bold yet elegant, Tenuta di Capezzana is a truly exceptional winery and a must-visit for all wine enthusiasts.

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