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About Thomson & Scott

Founded in London, Thomson & Scott is an innovative and award-winning winery known for its premium, organic and vegan-friendly wines. Established by Amanda Scott, a renowned wine entrepreneur, Thomson & Scott is driven by a profound desire to revolutionise the wine industry, focusing on transparency and nutritious, high-quality products.

Their vision primarily involves shattering the typical shroud of mystery around wine production by being very upfront about what goes into their bottles. They set a new market standard by becoming the first winery to list the ingredients and nutritional information on their labels, which is quite a departure from conventional practices. This trailblazing approach echoes their ethos - "Know What's in Your Bottle."

Moreover, Thomson & Scott prides itself on its production methods, which are steeped in traditional methods of wine making. They craft their wines using minimal intervention, with low sulphur amounts and no artificial additives. The grapes used are handpicked and rigorously selected from small-scale vineyards in France and Italy. Not only does this pay dividends in terms of taste, it also caters to a growing audience of health-conscious consumers.

Their flagship product, Skinny Champagne, is a testament to their innovative ethos. It’s a low-sugar, vegan-friendly champagne that doesn't compromise on taste. Likewise, their Skinny Prosecco offering has gained significant popularity for its crisp, refreshing taste and low sugar content.

Despite the progressive nature of the brand and its product, Thomson & Scott hold onto their deep appreciation and respect for history, tradition and the timeless elegance found in the world of wine-making.

Overall Thomson & Scott bit just delivers excellent wines, but also a brand narrative that encourages consumers to think critically about what they consume, promoting healthier and more transparent choices in the wine industry.

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