Tinpot Hut

Tinpot Hut

About Tinpot Hut

Tinpot Hut is an award-winning winery nestled in the picturesque Marlborough region of New Zealand. This esteemed winery is renowned globally for its distinctive, rich, and flavoursome wines, giving wine aficionicers an unforgettable experience. With their state-of-the-art vineyards, they adhere to sustainable viticulture, ensuring the best quality fruit is produced while remaining environmentally responsible.

Interestingly, the winery got its name from the historically significant Tinpot Hut, a hut known to serve as a shelter for local sheep drovers and musterers. By having a name steeped in local history, the bond between the land and the winery is distinctly present. This bond extends into the winery's awareness and respect for the environment and their commitment to sustainability. Each bottle carries with it not just the abundant flavour but also the lore and love for the land it's derived from.

Crafting their wine to reflect the unique terroir, Tinpot Hut is highly recognised for its exceptional Sauvignon Blanc. But, its Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and Riesling varieties are no different. They are winning numerous accolades across international wine championships, rivalling even it's more established counterparts. The tasting room at Tinpot Hut is an attraction in itself, not only for the breath-taking views of the sweeping vineyards and the rolling mountains but also for the opportunity to savour their handcrafted wines.

Owner and winemaker, Fiona Turner, blends both tradition and innovation to achieve the high-quality wines that Tinpot Hut is celebrated for, And, despite it's growing international fame, one can still find her among the vineyard rows; a testament to her dedication to quality.

In summary, Tinpot Hut is a must-visit New Zealand winery offering a rich tableau of quality wines. Steeped in history, dedicated to sustainability, and led by passionate expertise - it's no wonder this winery continues to make it's mark on the global stage.

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