Tyrrell's Wines

Tyrrell's Wines

About Tyrrell's Wines

Situated in the heart of Australia's historic Hunter Valley Wine Country, Tyrrell's Wines is a fifth-generation, family-owned winery. Boasting over 160 years of experience in viticulture, this winery has achieved a distinctive position amongst the world's best wine producers, earning the respect of wine enthusiasts globally.

Founded by Edward Tyrrell in 1858, the winery harbours an iconic heritage, embracing an unyielding commitment to producing top-quality wines. Across 900 acres of premium vineyards, the winery embraces time-honoured planting and cultivation techniques, whilst also deploying innovative technology. This perfect synchronisation of tradition and innovation delivers wines with exquisite character and unique flavour profiles.

Their wine portfolio is an enticing mix of classic and contemporary. In it, you can find the quintessential Hunter Valley staples including Semillon and Shiraz and charming experiments with grape varieties such as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Each bottle of Tyrrell's wines echoe its unique terroir, showcasing the personality of its vineyards and the dedication of its winemaking team.

Tyrrell's Wines is also renowned for its exceptional environmental credentials. Treating the Earth with the utmost respect, they employ sustainable farming practices in an effort to preserve the land's health and resilience. The winery thus ensures that future generations can relish the defining experience of high-quality Australian wine.

Apart from offering stunning wines, the winery also provides immersive wine-tasting experiences, allowing visitors to witness the wine-making process firsthand and indulge in the breadth of their wine diversity. This, coupled with the area's breath-taking vistas making a visit to Tyrrell's Wineries a truly memorable event.

For those who appreciate the finer things in life: from the perfect symphony of flavour, texture and aroma, to the balance between tradition and innovation, Tyrrell’s Wines stands as a shining beacon in the global winemaking industry. It is indeed a testament to the enduring appeal of Australian wines. The undulating contours of its vineyards; each row of vines reflecting careful cultivation and respect for the land, paint a vivid picture of this premier wine producer.

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