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Valli Vineyards

About Valli Vineyards

Nestled in the heart of the breath-taking Otago region, Valli Vineyards is a true gem among New Zealand's distinguished wineries. A testament to dedication, craftsmanship and utmost appreciation for Mother Nature, Valli Vineyards offers an enlivening wine tasting experience for both connoisseurs and novices alike.

Founded in 1998 by the seasoned winemaker Grant Taylor, Valli Vineyards has since been renowned for capturing the essence of Otago’s diverse microclimates in each bottle of wine. Grant’s passion and expertise led to the creation of exceptional Pinot Noir, acclaimed for its unique character and exceptional purity. Through meticulous cultivation and traditional wine-making techniques, Valli Vineyards has undoubtedly set the benchmark for the finest Pinot Noir from the region.

The winery is home to four vineyards, each lending its unique terroir to the grapes grown. Tucked within the bend of a river, the hot and dry Gibbston Vineyard battles with nature to produce unparalleled Pinot Noir. The Bannockburn Vineyard, on the other hand, yields grapes that contribute to the dark-fruit flavours and firm structure of their wines. Deeper into the heart of Central Otago, the Bendigo Vineyard embraces the extreme continental climate to develop depth and complexity in the grapes. Lastly, the Waitaki Vineyard, blesses the wines with high acidity and minerality due to its close proximity to the sea.

Visitors to Valli Vineyards are welcomed with stunning landscapes and an inviting cellar door. Pvt classes are offered to those wishing to delve deeper into the art of wine tasting and to those who simply wish to indulge in a glass of the award-winning Pinot Noir, in the quiet serenity of Otago’s stunning landscapes.

In understanding Valli Vineyards, one comprehends the sheer passion that goes into the making of each bottle. The pursuit of excellence in wine-making is beautifully captured in their timeless and elegant wines, making each sip a mosaic of flavours and vintner's art.

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