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Villa Maria

About Villa Maria

Villa Maria Winery, established in 1961, stands as an exceptional wine company located in the heart of New Zealand. Founded by George Fistonich, a knighted gentleman passionate about wine, this winery has remarkably transformed from a one-man operation to a globally recognised brand in less than six decades.

Encompassing state-of-the-art facilities, Villa Maria Winery presents a striking tapestry of sprawling vineyards, modern winemaking techniques, and stringent quality control. Their fundamental commitment to sustainability has led to a conscious reduction in carbon footprint, 30% of which is generated through renewable sources. Integrated with a well-preserved natural habitat, Villa Maria Winery brilliantly blends the best of nature and technology.

Exports from Villa Maria are keenly sought after, delighting palates across the UK, the United States, and several other countries globally – a testament to the hard work, risk-taking, and innovation that Villa Maria’s dedicated team brings to the table. Holding an unbeatable record, of being New Zealand's most awarded winery. This undoubtedly presents Villa Maria as a benchmark for excellence in the winemaking industry.

Villa Maria’s commitment to producing high-quality wine begins with thoughtful vineyard management, followed by a harvest that encapsulates nature's bounty in every grape. The vineyards, spread across Auckland and Marlborough, boast a rich variety of grapes which give their wines unparalleled flavour and character. From the signature Sauvignon Blanc that the country is known for to aromatic Pinot Noir, the range of wines that this winery offers is substantially diverse and delightfully satisfying.

Whether you're a seasoned oenophile or a budding wine enthusiast, a trip to Villa Maria Winery offers a host of experiences. From walking through the beautiful vineyards to wine-tasting sessions and sumptuous food pairings, this winery offers a comprehensive insight into the art of winemaking. Villa Maria Winery offers an unforgettable journey that elevates the appreciation for wine, one sensational sip at a time.

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