Viña Echeverria

Viña Echeverria

About Viña Echeverria

Viña Echeverria is a hidden gem that rests in the heart of Chile's wine region. A family-owned vineyard, it prides itself on its enduring legacy of exceptional premium wines, destined to make even the seasoned connoisseur swoon with delight; This vineyard has been under the passionate care of the Echeverria family for four generations now.

Found nestled beneath the shadow of the imposing Andes Mountains, the landscape of this vineyard is simply breathtaking. The combination of the picturesque mountain peaks, and vine-blessed valleys forged through centuries, make for a truly incredible experience.

The vineyard itself spans over 80 hectares. Carefully watched over by the Echeverria family, each vine produces a crop that is tended to with an expert's touch. This vineyard is not only known for its wines, but also for its continued dedication to sustainable practices, putting extra emphasis on preserving the delicate balance of the environment in which the grapes grow.

Viña Echeverria is esteemed for creating wines that captivate the senses. Its cellar houses a vast range of contemporary and delectably robust wines, including Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. They also produce some awe-inspiring blends that bring the full-bodied character of Chilean wine to the forefront.

Visiting Viña Echeverria is indeed a voyage of the senses. From the harmonic orchestra of aromas and flavours that embody the wines, to the majestic sight of the sun setting behind the Andes, casting an ethereal glow over the vine-laden hills. It's a destination that promises to enthral any wine enthusiast with the remarkable diversity of its terroir.

Escape to the world of Viña Echeverria where every sip of Marked by its grandeur and grace, visiting this vineyard is a one-of-a-kind experience that lingers in the memory long after the visit comes to a close. savours the legacy of the past, while celebrating the artistry present in every bottle.

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