About Yalumba

Nestled in the picturesque Barossa Valley, the Yalumba winery is South Australia's oldest family-owned establishment. Founded in 1849 by Samuel Smith, a British migrant and beer brewer by trade, Yalumba has a rich history, filled with a heritage of independence, dedication and innovation.

Its diverse portfolio of wines is as enthralling as its history. From delectable reds to crisp whites, the winemaking techniques used create a diverse brand ethos that is harmonious with the modern-day premium wine market.

Yalumba’s environmental stewardship is impressive, too. Notably the winery boasts of received universal acclaim for its steadfast commitment to eco-friendly viticulture and winemaking. They commemorated their commitment by building Australia's largest solar PV installation at a wine producing site, thereby significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

In addition to remarkable wines and a commitment to sustainability, Yalumba is renowned for its warm and welcoming hospitality. Offering a range of experiences from guided tours of the historic cellar, to wine pairing dinners and personalised wine tastings. Their Estate Wine Room offers a convivial atmosphere, where visitors can unwind amidst the wine barrels and enjoy their award-winning wines.

Moreover, Yalumba’s food offerings are crafted to make the best of seasonal and local produce: showcasing Barossa’s culinary traditions and pairing seamlessly with their wines.

A visit to Yalumba is a sensory delight, a festival of wine and food, surrounded by stunning vistas of vineyards and the rural charm of the Barossa Valley. Those who appreciate wine will find visiting Yalumba unforgettable.

From the quality of their premium yet affordable wines: the scenic views of the Barossa Valley and the authentic South Australian hospitality. Yalumba winery offers a holistic experience that caters to all the senses, making a visit to this historic winery a must for wine enthusiasts.

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