Yealands Estate

Yealands Estate

About Yealands Estate

Nestled in the panoramic beauty of Marlborough, New Zealand, the Yealands Estate winery is an emblem of viticultural prowess and innovation. Known for its unique, award-winning wines and unwavering commitment to sustainability, the winery is a beacon for wine lovers from every corner of the world.

Founded by Peter Yealands in 2008, this historical winery is deeply rooted in the principles of minimal intervention and eco-conscious farming. Effectively utilising the terrain’s natural characteristics, each vine is treated as an individual and farmed with a holistic approach, allowing the wines to reflect their natural, exquisite surroundings.

Home to a variety of sulfite-free wines, the Yealands Estate caters exclusively to those desiring organic, vegan-friendly tasting selections. The approach has garnered international acclaim, with myriad recognitions that include multiple International Wine Challenge gold medals. The distinguished wine varieties range from crisp, luscious Sauvignon Blanc’s to opulent Pinot Noirs, each bottle reflects the terroir’s distinct character.

The winery additionally offers immersive tours, inviting enthusiasts to soak up enchanting views of Cook Strait and the North Island while exploring the stunning vineyard and wine-making processes. Visitors can also wander through the charming White Road, a designated 7km eco-trail with ethereal installations showcasing the vineyard’s incredible biodiversity.

Uncompromising in its dedication to sustainability, the Yealands Estate implements pioneering eco-solutions, such as solar panels and wind turbines for renewable energy and babydoll sheep for maintaining vineyard grounds. It prides itself on having the largest solar installation in New Zealand, which significantly reduces the estate’s carbon footprint.

Beautifully hinged together by its charismatic founder’s vision, groundbreaking eco-practices and a diverse roster of award-winning wines the Yealands Estate Winery is a testimony to New Zealand’s world-renowned winemaking legacy.

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