About Zensa

Established over a decade ago, Zensa Winery sits gracefully amidst the rolling vineyards of Puglia, Italy. Its name, loosely translated from Italian, means 'without', referencing its ethos of minimal intervention in wine production to embrace nature's wonder – resulting in authentic wines full of character, integrity, and pure, unadulterated taste.

The heart of Zensa Winery lies in its remarkable vineyards. Awash with native Italian grape varieties – Negroamaro, Primitivo, and Nero di Troia – they stretch as far as the eye can see, bathed in glorious Mediterranean sunshine. Every vine is tended with passion and precision, maintaining harmony with nature, which is reflected in every glass of Zensa wine: rich, nuanced, and simply unforgettable.

What sets Zensa apart in the industry is its steadfast commitment to organic viticulture. From the very beginning, the winery has prioritised eco-conscious practices, using no synthetic pesticides or chemicals in the vineyards. This refreshing approach not only honours the land, but it also gives rise to wines of outstanding quality that echo the unique terroir of Puglia.

Inside Zensa Winery, state-of-the-art facilities meet traditional winemaking techniques to create their distinctive bottles. The winery's repertoire boasts of immaculate reds, lively whites, and refreshing rosés, each luring you in with their sumptuous aromas and flavours par excellence.

Ultimately, visiting Zensa Winery is a tantalising journey for the senses. From exploring the sprawling vineyards under the warm Italian sun, to sampling their delectable wines amidst the elegant vaulted cellars, every moment is rich in discovery.

Zensa Winery is a testament to the beauty of minimalism, organic viticulture and unrivalled Italian winemaking traditions. It stands as a beacon for wine lovers worldwide yearning for authentic, eco-friendly wines with a tale to tell Its very essence is captured in its name – Zensa. An invitation to escape the unnecessary, to savour the unfiltered, to relish life ‘without’ and in harmony with nature.

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