Wine with Shelfish

Wine with Shelfish

1st June 2024

Some wines go well with all shellfish. These are dry whites like Sauvignon Blanc, Spain’s Albariño (which is the same grape as Portugal’s Alvarinho), and Riesling - but you want a light Riesling here, not a mature petroleum one or it will smother the delicate taste of shellfish.

Light dry Rosés also pair well too - again try one from the south of France.


Perfect matches here are the Loire’s Muscadet, a crisp Chablis or a nice dry Champagne.


A crisp, dry and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc, perhaps one from the Loire like a Sancerre or Pouilly-Fumé, or go for Muscadet again.

However, if the seafood is in a creamy sauce, then pair it with something to compliment the buttery flavours like a Chardonnay that has seen a little oak or a Pinot Gris.


Scallops are an extremely rich seafood that have a certain sweetness in flavour. Try a full bodied Chardonnay or one of the exotic blends from the south of France containing Chardonnay blended with Viognier, or a white Rhône blend.